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Best Technology in Pasta Production

Production of long cut pastas is carried out with long cut production line produced in accordance with modular system and technology. Water, semolina or flour are used as raw materials in long cut pasta lines. Thanks to the help of molds and equipment designed in accordance with the purpose of the line,the production of pasta in different shapes and thicknesses in accordance with the demands and needs of customers is ensured. The management of the line is provided by the "PLC Control System"

Long Cut Pasta Production Line

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Water, semolina or flour are used as raw materials
in long cut pasta lines.

With the help of equipment designed according to the purpose of the line, pasta production in different lengths and thicknesses is carried out according to the requests and needs of the customers.

It is the first unit where raw material enters the system. A homogeneous mixture is obtained in the form of equal particles from the raw materials conveyed by the gauging unit through the mixer located here. Thanks to the vacuum system contained within; air molecules or air bubbles in the mixture are vacuumed, and natural and yellow pasta in the purest state is obtained.


This group consists of an expeller, 3-leaf spiral and transmission group. Having been supplied at a specific pressure to the group through the existing expeller, the dough is shredded by the 3 leaf spiral and transmitted to the next production stage.


This unit is designed in a rectangular form in accordance with the long cutting line.It consists of the mold and disc blade group. Mold sizes vary according to the required capacity. With the blade group designed according to the automatic centering feature, long cut pasta varieties are obtained by utilizing rectangular molds to form the desired characteristics.


According to the capacity of the production line, the final lengths of produced spaghetti are determined from rectangular molds with the pre-cutting unit. In addition, thanks to the pre-cutting system, the loss of spaghetti is prevented and off-cuts are directed to the press unit for recycling.


The pre-dryer ensures that the water on the surface of wet spaghetti pasta is removed and prepares the long cut pasta for the dryer.


The dryer is designed according to the capacity of th elong cut pasta lines and consists of a tunnel of different stages and cabins. It consists of a specifically designed ventilation system and movable aluminium suspension system. The dryer is completely isolated from the outside environment. All air inlets and outlets required for production are kept under control to increase production quality. Long cut pastas, which are transferred from the pre-drying unit to the movable aluminium suspensions, are dried with hot air at varying temperature values set according to the area at which they are located.


This unit is used for the cooling of high temperature long pasta transferred from the drying unıt. It consists of a unibody structure with differing stages that is completely isolated from the external environment. The temperature of pasta is reduced to 20 – 25 C in the shock unit with the air system and the movable aluminium suspension belt system located within. Thus, the long cut pasta is prepared for the rear cutting unit for final shaping.


The rear cutting unit removes the pasta suspended from the aluminium hangers and cuts the spaghetti pasta to the desired lengths thanks to the vertically positioned disc blades with a central movement system, with the resulting pasta now ready for packaging.